November 03, 2013

"My vaping story" is going to be

Richard’s vaping story
Richard’s vaping story
Richard’s vaping story"My vaping story" is going to be  testimonials and success stories submitted by vapers like you.  It will all be archived under the TESTIMONIALS tag. Now let’s meet Richard
Good morning, my name is Richard.   I have smoked for the last 26 years of my life.  I have tried multiple times to quit, and every time there would be a bump in the road of life, I would always go back to my tried and true friend, the cigarette.  Nothing that I have tried in the past ever really took away the craving to smoke, not so much smoke a cigarette, but just the idea of taking a drag off of something and releasing a calming cloud of smoke.That was until I tried vaping an ecig.  I had heard of the electronic cigarette many years ago and I never gave it much thought.  The price was through the roof back then, and really, “A safe smoke?”, I wasn’t about to be caught up in that.  Fast forward quite a few years, I am at work and one of my patients is in their room, and I see a pack of cigarettes, and just when I am about to give them the old “You really need to quit those to get better.” speech, I notice the pack is plugged in to the wall.  Oh and by the way, I have been an oncology nurse for the past 9 years, so trust me when I say “I know how bad cigarettes are for you.”,  I got to talking with my patient, they took a few drags on the ecig, explained to me how it worked, and how they had struggled with smokes for years, we discussed them for a while, and I admitted my issues with smoking. I kept hearing their words of wisdom,”Try them, what do you got to lose, and do it while you are young and healthy.”, while I researched the ecig.  I found that the 4 key ingredients, have been in medicine, or on the shelf of your grocery store for years,and 4 ingredients compared to 4000 or so chemicals in a cigarette was pretty convincing to me.  I have been vaping for the past few months now, and I can honestly say I have never had a craving for a cigarette since I started.  Now I know you wonder, there has to be a trade off somewhere, and there is, I don’t smell like an ashtray, I do not wake with the morning headache, smokers cough, tightness in the chest, or overall crappy feeling you get from smoking.  Hey I’ll take it. As far as the “saving money”, if you just stick with an ecig, and cartos, or refill your cartos, yes, you will save a ton of money, even if you move to an ego style, or a mod, you can save lots of money over cigarettes.  If you are like me and love to tinker with things, the savings are there, your health and well being are priceless, but you will not save money right away, but you will in the long haul when you find that PV that fits your needs, and wants.   The reasons that I won’t smoke again can easily be listed, I can vape in my house, my vehicle, around my wife and friends, the first two I never did with cigarettes, the second two I could never do without being scolded.  There are endless flavors and blends to try, and most of the flavors I have tried are AMAZING, with smoking you pretty much only got a burnt tobacco flavor.  Last but not least, I love to tinker, you can’t tinker with a cigarette, I tried, they just kept breaking, very hard to smoke a torn cigarette.     I hope this helps someone, thanks for listening, and keep on vaping.Great story Richard! thank you so much for sharing-Grimm

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