November 03, 2013

First look at Snozberries ejuice from Cravin Vapes

Guest Post From CocoaButter from ecf chat. 
"I am most of the way trough a bottle of Snozberries from Cravin Vapes and i must say, its excellent stuff. Its a very very sweet vape, and has a very good TH even at 12mg/ml Nicotine. It was actually this juice that enabled me to go to 12mg/ml without feeling much of a "lack". I really cant put a taste reference on it, except to say it is pure vape Bliss. If i had to, i would say its a Very Berry Candy. But that hardly does Justice to it. It also seems like it has a tobacco under-note but that could just be me.

According to the website - "Snozberries e-liquid contains a light blend of strawberry, raspberry, black berries, and a few other berries to round out the flavor. Tastes like a mouthful of delicious fruit snacks all at the same time. Also has been described as tasting like a berry cooler wine cooler. A delicious vape for any occasion without all the calories." I vaped this wonderful flavor on a 1.3 Ohm 30GA A1 Kanthal custom ekowool wick'd coil in a evod head on a Davide.  After 9 Watts the flavor seems to get a little less sweet, but its a wonderful flavor before that, and the Throat Hit is Amazing. This is Clearly one for the CocoaButter Favorite List.
 And at only $3 a sample bottle, its WELL worth a try.
Yours Truly, ECF's only:

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