November 05, 2013

MN: Banning eCigs Would Bring “Stability” to the Market

Sometimes you have to wonder how people think. Minnesota is currently considering rolling e-cigarettes into the state's clean air act. This naturally includes indoor and public use bans just like cigarettes.  For some reason, the sponsor of the bill seems to think that move would make the e-cigarette industry better.


“Right now, we've got a patchwork system where local governments and even individual businesses make their own rules,” Kahn said. “It's creating a lot of confusion. My bill removes any doubt as to where e-cigarettes can be used by applying the same regulations we have for traditional tobacco products … We can remove a lot of the confusion we’re seeing right now and bring more stability to this growing market.”

Yes, because restrictive bans and other heavy regulation is always good for young industries.

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