November 05, 2013

Iowa AG Wants eCigs to be Cigarettes

The Iowa state attorney general is leaning on the state legislature to roll e-cigarettes into the states existing tobacco laws. The move would rightfully prohibit sales to anyone under 18, but then it would also incorrectly categorize the devices the same as cigarettes including all the ban goodness that entails.

IA Attorney General Wants E-Cigarette Regulated, Banned From Public Areas

“It's projected that revenue from this year from e-cigarettes will be $1.7 billion. Kids smoking is estimated to have doubled in the last year in the country. There should not be any marketing to kids,” said Attorney General Tom Miller.

The last point of Miller's proposal was to legally define e-cigarettes and from there, see if they should be taxed further than the standard sales tax like other products that contain nicotine.

Taxes always seem to pop up as an aside. Mentioned at the end, hopefully, so that nobody is still paying attention. It seems that a sin tax on ecigs is far too tempting a target for cash-strapped states to ignore.

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