November 05, 2013

Beverly Hills to Consider Emergency Ban on E-Cig Use & Sales Today

In an urgent email sent out by CASAA yesterday, we’ve learned that the Beverly Hills City Council has without warning, planned to use their emergency powers to attempt to ban e-cigarette sales and use today.

These bans are going up for consideration and discussion this evening at 7 PM in Room 400 of the Beverly Hills City Council at 455 N. Rexford Drive.

The Council has brought these up as two separate ordinances. The first, available here would place a 45-day moratorium on all e-cigarette sales, which could be extended beyond this moratorium up to a year. The second, available here would treat e-cigarettes the same as traditional cigarettes within the city’s smoking ban, effectively banning their use from all public places.

Even more absurd, e-cigarette retailers will have just two weeks to stop selling e-cigarettes after the adoption date without facing criminal charges or fines. However, during this moratorium period, cigarette sales will be allowed to go on as normal.

The full CASAA email is available here with more information.


We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. Any vapers in the local area are encouraged to let your voice be heard at this brazen, absurd, unconscionable attempt take away your right to a better alternative.

new york city council
new york city council

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