November 06, 2013

UK Man Fired for eCig (and Lack of ESP)

Much like here in the US, UK workplaces vary on their tolerance for e-cigarettes. A landfill worker in the UK found that one out the hard way when he was abruptly dismissed for using an e-cigarette on the job. According to the company, he violated a policy they never actually told anyone about.

Electronic cigarette row sparks strike threat

The 55-year-old said he had been smoking an electronic cigarette, as he was trying to give up smoking, which he thought was not against company policy.

He said he was told during his disciplinary hearing that smoking an electronic cigarette was not allowed but it was a new part of company policy and had not been communicated to anyone.

A spokesman for Viridor said a robust investigation was carried out which concluded Mr Scoot was in breach of company policies and was dismissed as a result.

No determination from a parallel investigation on whether secret policies are actually evil or just “remarkably stupid.” This issue may have fallout for the secretive company as their operation is unionized and the union is considering calling a strike around the Christmas holidays.

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