November 06, 2013

eCig Industry to DC: Don’t put us out of business

The Washington Times published an interview with Cynthia Cabrera, head of the industry group SFATA about their concerns with e-cigarette regulations. The top concern was that if the FDA treated e-cigarettes like any other tobacco product it would essentially destroy the e-cigarette industry as we know it.

Advocates press regulatory case for e-cigarettes

There’s no threat per se to the FDA regulating [e-cigarettes] under the appropriate framework. The threat is if the FDA regulates it as a tobacco product. The industry can’t survive if it gets regulated as a tobacco product. For example, here’s Daniel Walsh, who is a manufacturer in 36 states, nine countries, looking to build out and expand, but the requirements, the burden of being treated like a tobacco product would put him out of business. … The products on the market now are far better than the products that were on the market in 2007 and what [FDA regulation as a tobacco product] would do is it would take them back in time and put them out of business because they wouldn’t be able to sell anything until they got an approval.

This is in sharp contrast with some of other players, in particular Big Tobacco, who would rather see people like Daniel Walsh unemployed and consumers given fewer choices.

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Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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