November 07, 2013

New eCig Study Sees Quit Potential

A new study out of Geneva shows the potential for e-cigarettes to transition smokers away from cigarettes.  The study's author cautions that this is just a preliminary study since it recruited mostly existing vapers, but it indicates the enormous potential of e-cigarettes.  One particularly interesting thing about the results were that unlike traditional therapies, cessation rates went up after time.

More evidence e-cigs may help in quitting tobacco

For those who had quit smoking already and were using e-cigarettes instead, six percent had relapsed to tobacco after one month. That number was stable after one year.

Of those who were smoking and using e-cigarettes when the study began, 22 percent had quit smoking tobacco after a month and 46 percent had quit after a year. That group averaged 11.3 tobacco cigarettes daily at the beginning of the study and six cigarettes per day after one month.

This was just an exploratory study and will need confirmation from follow-up studies, Etter said.

This is certainly a study prohibitionists will dismiss because of the way it was conducted (that is, the exact same way many of their studies that prove ecig dangers are done). But, what it does say is that there is definitely something to these e-cigarettes and perhaps banning the crap out of the might not be the best course of action.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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