November 07, 2013

eCig Using Woman Held in Contempt of Court

Ok, this isn't quite like the situation in Beverly Hills or anything. This is a story about pure, unadulterated stupidity. A woman was using an e-cigarette and a mobile phone in a Michigan courtroom when she was asked to knock it off. She apparently gave the judge attitude on her way out and was then held pending a contempt of court hearing. The woman apologized and all was forgiven. Ok, I'm kidding.

Electronic cigarette in courtroom gets Grand Rapids woman jail time

Van Popering appeared to make her situation worse after the judge asked her if she wanted to speak before he sentenced her.

“I just thought it was totally retarded that I can't smoke my E-cigarette in the courtroom. I can smoke it on the bus. You can smoke them anywhere,” said Van Popering, who was wearing what appeared to be pajama bottoms.

After her statement, the judge immediately ordered the jail time and fine.

Stay classy, Grand Rapids.

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