Our Configuration No. 2

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Joye eGo Tank Batteries with 510 CE2 Ultimate Clearomizers!

This configuration is a bit more advanced than the first but it is our preferred setup. Joye eGo batteries were chosen in this setup because of their long lifespan (avg. 7+ weeks) and higher capacity (longer use-time between charges). CE2 Ultimate Clearomizers can hold more than 1.5ml of eLiquid and they produce lots of vapor. 1ml of eLiquid is enough for hours of vaping for most users.

The reason we say this setup is more advanced is because of the need to fill using a syringe (see video below). This may sound tricky but don't let it discourage you. It's really quite simple after you've done it the first time.

And remember...
If you don't like the CE2 Clearomizers, we offer more than many compatible atomizer/cartomizer solutions for eGo batteries!

For this configuration purchase the following items:

2-3 x 10ml sized eLiquid in various flavors and nicotine strengths

They can be found below for your convenience.
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