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Simply fill the eGo-Tank cartridge with your favorite eLiquid, attach it to the eGo-Tank atomizer, screw on the battery and puff away until the 1.2ml tank is empty! 1ml of liquid last hours for most users. This revolutionary tank system makes refilling much easier and less frustrating by reducing the need to constantly refill or drip.

The eGo-Tank batteries feature a power saving function. Click the button 5 times fast to lock or unlock the battery. This feature can also be used as a safety to prevent accidental discharge.

The eGo-Tank is the next generation in the popular eGo series. Standard eGo chargers, batteries and cases are compatible with the eGo-Tank making upgrading from a Standard eGo simple. If you already own an eGo then all you will need is an eGo-Tank atomizer and some eGo-Tank cartridges.
EGo-tank batteries are compatible with Joye510 Atomizers, 510 cartomizers, 510 CE2 Clearomizers and eGo Mega Atomizers.

Get the most out of your Ego-Tank atomizers: 

Ego-Tank atomizers can and should be cleaned when vapor production becomes weak. Never throw out a Tank atomizer because it is performing poorly. As long the atomizer will produce heat, it can be cleaned and "revived". The Ego-Tank atomizer is one of the only atomizers that can be taken apart and cleaned. Liquid will build up and solidify on the atomizer's heating coil from use. This hardened liquid severely dampens vapor production. After cleaning a "dieing" Tank atomizer using the method below, you will see a noticeable increase in vapor production. The cleaning will cause a slight aftertaste that should disappear after a few uses.

Leaking Tank Atomizer: 

Minor leaking from a Tank atomizer is normal. If you find a little bit of liquid between the battery and atomizer, do not be alarmed. This is normal. Wipe the contacts periodically. However, the leak should not be so severe that the liquid is coming out onto your hands and all over the battery. 

We may have a solution. The reason why the atomizer is leaking is because the wick has fallen out of the hole in the center of the atomizer spike. Without the wick in place, liquid freely flows from the cartridge, through the spike and into the atomizer, creating a mess. How-to Fix the leak: Take the atomizer spike out. Look for the wick, it has most likely fallen out into the atomizer coil. Use tweezers to retrieve the wick. Insert the wick back into the hole of the atomizer spike. There is a metal mesh wrapped around one end of the wick that is holding it together. The end with the mesh around it should be flush with the point on the spike. Reinsert the spike. Please visit the link below for an illustrated guide on how to remove and replace the atomizer spike.

If the atomizer has been used for a couple of weeks, the leak could indicate that the atomizer has reached the end of it's life cycle and a replacement is needed.

Dry or burnt taste: 

This is due to lack of eliquid in the atomizer. This problem is more common with new atomizers because the wick has not had enough time to absorb eliquid and therefore will not properly transfer eliquid into the atomizer. We have a cool trick that will solve this issue. Anytime you experience a dry or burnt taste, do the following: Pull the cartridge out from the atomizer about half an inch. Now force it back into the atomizer. Repeat this 3-4 times and do it rapidly.  This will force liquid from the cartridge into the atomizer (the cartridge must have eliquid in it for this to work). Take a test puff. The vapor should have more flavor now. If not, then repeat the trick. Using non-Joye Ego batteries can also cause eLiquid to taste burnt. Joye Ego batteries output roughly 3.2V-3.6V. Generic Ego batteries usually output 4.2V on a full charge.

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