As an analog smoker for over 10+ years, the negative effects of smoking cigarettes started taking a toll on me in 2009. I was very ill, and I was advised by my doctor to quit smoking analogs. I gathered all my will power and decided to quit cold turkey; but unfortunately, like many of us who tried before. I was unsuccessful. At the time of this period, I was working in the marketing industry (for those who has, you know what I'm talking about) where stress level was very high, it was the worse time of my life to quit as smoking was the only thing that helped me cope with the stress. I knew that smoking analogs wasn't going to be an option (can't smoke forever). So I ventured off in search for alternate ways to help relieve the nicotine crave. I tried the patches, I tried the gum etc. but none really worked for me maybe because I wasn't ready to quit right away. I needed something to more similar to smoking without all the harmful effects.

When electronic cigarette was introduced back in the early days of 2009, no one really knew what it was or what it really does. I saw small kiosks at mall selling them. I was very curious so I purchased a kit to tried with a open mind. My experience with it was horrible, dry taste and burnt, worse of all it made my throat hurt. Not knowing much about them I started researching online and joined a few smaller forums (mind you that there weren't much info around neither) to learn more about it. But in 2010 - 2011, the e-cig industry took off, all the sudden you have people really started talking about it and started analyzing part by part what it really does. I gave the electronic cigarette a second try, and this time I fell in love with it.

My second e-cig that I bought was the yetti, great vapor good throat hits I couldn't get enough of it. I started vaping almost everyday and slowly, I replaced analogs with e-cigs. As the industry grew rapidly, there were so many types of brands starting to emerged. And for the most part, they were all made in china because that's where it was invented. Things got a little bit more confusing as people just couldn't really find a website that sold pretty much everything. I took the initiative to purchase a small amount of inventory to sell online because I knew there were alot of people like myself out there that might be willing to try what I've discovered, and as luck would be on my side. I became a small vendor.

I was happy providing people with starter kits and other equipments and I thought to myself, can I really do this for living. I wasn't making much money but I love vaping and I like helping people. Fast forward to the end of 2010, Ebay/paypal which was NOT my Pal at all, refused to process my payments and de-listed all my postings which forced me into a halt (I think because they feel ecigs was still very young). That gave me the motivation to take the risk and come out on my own. In 2011, I eventually quit my full time job in the marketing field and I dedicated myself into developing my own platform and hence; was born.

Things picked up really fast and again luck would be on my side. We grew tremendously over the year and now we have a warehouse to serve even more people in this community. To keep this short, I promised I will continue to write my story and I hope you enjoyed my journey as much as I did. I have a passion for what I do and I absolutely love vaping. This is my life and I'm glad to have this opportunity to share it with you, thank you all so much for supporting me over the past 2 years! I love each and everyone of you (you know who you are =)).   

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